Cardijn Online

Cardijn Online aims to make available texts and testimonies relating to the life and work of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, founder of the International Young Christian Workers movement.

We now have over 100 original Cardijn documents available online in English including many of his most famous speeches. In addition, we have added many testimonies from those who knew, worked with or were inspired by Cardijn.

Also published here is his biography by Marguerite Fiévez and Jacques Meert.

Meanwhile, we welcome personal testimonies, letters, photos, even films, and any other original documents or primary sources that relate to the life and work of Cardijn.

As well as documents, we have now published a number of classical photos of Cardijn. More will be added in the future. We would be happy to receive more photos and other documents to be published.

We have even more Cardijn documents available in the original French, please go to www.josephcardijn.fr

See also other sections including Cardijn Pioneers and Cardijn Priests.

Plus a section for our Canonise Cardijn campaign.

Please contact us at: australiancardijninstitute@gmail.com

Stefan Gigacz
The Cardijn Online Team

Mother's Day 2020 - One of Cardijn's many tributes to his mum