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We present here a series of Cardijn's best known quotes as well as other quotes that are perhaps lesser famous but deserve to be better known.

Sunday - A privilege stolen, a right violated

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Shut your mouth if you don't know what you're talking about!

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1997 - Roger Poirier - Cardijn

Religion and daily life

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La religion ne doit pas être à côté de la vie journalière et ordinaire, mais bien l'animer et la transformer en une vraie vie divine.

Religion should not be outside of ordinary, daily life, but rather it should animate and transform it into a truly divine life.

- Joseph Cardijn

- La Croix, 13/06/1938

Your life is the fifth Gospel

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"Your life is the fifth Gospel!" - Statement attributed to Cardijn. „Euer Leben ist das fünfte Evangelium.“


No host, no Church without human work

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"Without work there is no Host, not a single drop of wine to consecrate, no altar stone, no vestments, no Church. Without work there is no religion."

Tonnet, Garcet killed for Christ's sake

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" May the blood of these jocistes, killed in Germany for Christ's sake, preserve us from dictatorship and totalitarianism, whether of the Left or the Right," said Canon Cardijn at a recent memorial ceremony for Fernand Tonnet and Paul Garcet. founders of J.O.C., who died in Dachau.

Reaching out to Protestants and other faiths

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SHOULD the Y.C.W. welcome Protestant members? I put this question to Mgr. Cardijn after the rally. And he replied: I certainly think so, provided that the Bishop has given his approval. I think that we should co-operate as much as possible with other Christians.

In missionary countries, he pointed out, even Muslims and Buddhists and other non-Christians have been allowed to join. "In Africa the YCW is expanding all the time, at a great rate," he added.


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"Jocism does not promote revolution; it is a revolution," Canon Joseph Cardijn, founder and chaplain-general of the Jeunesse Ouvriere Chretienne, or Young Christian Workers, stated in an interview in America recently.

International civil or cultural service

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It would seem that a statement of Mgr. Cardijn, founder of the Jeunesse Ouvriere Chretienne, echoes the impulse behind the movement and could well have given it its name. In March, 1958, Mgr. Cardijn said: " I have never tired of repeating that positive methods of contact, culture and mutual help should be sought in order to establish friendship and confidence, not only between the heads of governments but between peoples, starting with the youth. Military service should more and more be replaced by an international civil or cultural service (service civil on culture! international)."

- Joseph Cardijn

Spreading the movement to English speaking countries

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" I am convinced that the success of the English Young Christian Workers is essential to the International Movement of the J.O.C., and It is in England that I place all my hopes of the spread of the movement in all English-speaking countries"

- Joseph Cardijn 1947

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