Welcome to our new, improved Joseph Cardijn Digital Library (JCDL) website.

The purpose of the library, the predecessor of which originally dates back to 1998, is to preserve and publish texts, documents and testimonies relating to the life and work of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, founder of the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC) Internationale or International Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement, as well of other leaders and chaplains who worked with him and/or with other Specialised Catholic Action or “Cardijn” movements.


We now have over 500 original Cardijn documents available online in English including many of his most famous speeches and writings - Cardijn Classics.

We have also added many testimonies from those who knew, worked with or were inspired by Cardijn.

Also published is a range of biographical material, including the well-known biography by Marguerite Fiévez and Jacques Meert, as well as many photos plus several videos and audio recordings.

We also welcome personal testimonies, letters, photos, even films, and any other original documents or primary sources that relate to the life and work of Cardijn.

Over 1000 more Cardijn documents are available in the original French by clicking on the French flag icon below (French site still in development) .

And please keep visiting us to find the latest items uploaded to our repository (listed below).


Developed using Omeka S, a "next-generation web publishing platform for institutions interested in connecting digital cultural heritage collections with other resources online," the JCDL now offers many new features, including chronological listinga subject index, as well as the possibility of downloading documents in Word or PDF format.

Following many requests, a Spanish language site is in development.


For further information or to send us more items for inclusion, please write to us at: jcdl@australiancardijninstitute.org

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