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Cornille, Thérèse

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A national fulltime worker for the JOCF in France, Thérèse later founded Claire Amitié, hostels for young women.


Born into a worker family in Roubaix in the north of France in 1917, Therese Cornille left school at the age of 11 following the death of her mother and started work to support her family.

Through a local priest, she joined the JOCF (Girls YCW) and became an outstanding leader and a fulltimer worker for the movement.

She came to believe that God wanted her to take care of young working girls in difficulty and so she worked to create the first Claire Amitié house in 1946.

In 1956, she founded the first Clair Logis home with the help of the Claire Amitié community.

Encouraged by Marthe Robin in particular, she gradually extended her work throughout France and into Africa and Asia.

Today there are eight Claire Logis homes in France. There are also homes in Brazil, Cambodia and in six African countries all under the umbrella of Clair Logis International.

Therese Cornille died in 1989.


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English France

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May 13, 1917

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Thérèse Cornille

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