Lay leaders

  • Callo, Marcel

    French JOC leader sent to Germany under the forced labour regime during World War II. Arrested for his role in organising workers and died in Mauthausen Concentration Camp.
  • Carrier, Marcel

    Sent to Germany during World War II as a forced labourer. Arrested for organising workers. Died after being evacuated from Flossenburg Concentration Camp.
  • Castaño i Colomer, Josep

    Teacher and trade unionist from Barcelona, who was a leader in the Catalan JOC and later worked with the JOC Internationale in Brussels. Author of a history of the Catalan JOC entitled "Memòries sobre la JOC a Catalunya, 1932-1970."
  • Coleman, Mike

    Mike Coleman was national president of the US YCW and later involved in the civil rights movement, urban redevelopment and international development.
  • Delécluse, René

    JOC leader from northern France, who became an extension worker for the JOC Internationale in Asia.
  • Enrique Ernesto Shaw

    Enrique Shaw was an Argentine businessman and Cardijn disciple, who founded or helped found the Christian Family Movement there, the Christian Association of Business Executives and was president of Argentine Catholic Action.
  • Esquivel Antero, Daniel

    An Argentine JOC leader originally from Paraguay, who "disappeared" in 1977.
  • Fernandez, Irene

    A leader of the Malaysian YCW and later the International YCW, who became a well-known community and founder of the NGO, Tenaganita.
  • Joos, Marie-Thérèse

    Leader of the Belgian JOCF who died very young
  • Keegan, Patrick

    Co-founder of the English YCW; first president of the JOC Internationale
  • Kelly, Kevin T.

    Kevin Kelly brought the YCW to Australia.
  • King, Betty

    A leader of the National Catholic Girls Movement, later the Girls YCW in Australia, who became an extension worker in India
  • Lemoine, Eugène

    JOC leader who was sent to Germany under the forced labour regime, where he organised JOC teams among the young workers. Arrested and eventually sent to Zöschen, where he died of dysentery.
  • Lima, Tito de Alencar

    Brazilian YCS leader who became a Dominican and was severely tortured for his opposition to the dictatorship government.
  • Long, Ted

    Early leader of the Australian YCW and later a founder of the YCW Cooperative and pioneer of the cooperative movement in Victoria, Australia.
  • Maione, Romeo

    Canadian YCW leader, who became the key organiser for the JOC Internationale pilgrimage to Rome in 1957. First elected president of the JOCI.
  • Martinache, Fred

    French JOC leader, later a leader of the JOC Internationale. Director of the Centre Lebret in Paris.
  • Nguyen, Manh Ha

    Founder of the JOC in Vietnam.
  • Palacio, José Serapio (Pepe)

    Argentine JOC leader, who became a leader of the JOC Internationale, and later a lay collaborator. A trade union leader, he "disappeared" in December 1975.
  • Regazzoni, Sergio

    Swiss JOC leader, who also worked for the JOC Internationale before becoming a project officer for the French development organisation, CCFD, and later director of the Centre Lebret in Paris.
  • René Salanne

    René Salanne was a French JOC leader, later secretary-general of the JOC Internationale and a trade union with the CFDT.
  • Rouzé, René

    JOC leader sent to Germany on compulsory labour during World War II. Organised Catholic Action study circles leading to his arrest and eventual transfer to Dora-Mittelbau camp where he died.
  • Sulik, Tibor

    Slovak-born leader of the Brazil JOC. Candidate for president at the 1957 JOC International Council.
  • Touquet, Marcel

    A JOC leader from Paris, who was sent to Germany under the forced labour regime. He became a leader in a jocist network leading to his arrest and eventual transfer to Peenemunde, where he died.
  • Triendl, Flo

    US YCW leader, who went to Europe where she worked with the Austrian YCW, the Belgian JOCF and the JOC Internationale before going to South Africa, where she also helped organise young workers.
  • Vallée, André

    A JOC leader from the Orne region, who volunteered to replace another man who was being sent to Germany for forced labour. Arrested for his working organising Catholic Action study circles, he was sent to Flossenburg Concentration Camp. He died while being transferred to another camp.
  • Vallée, Roger

    A seminarian, Roger Vallée was called up for forced labour in August 1943. In Germany he helped organised study circles and masses for workers leading to his arrest and his eventual transfer to Mauthausen where he died.
  • Vanistendael, August

    Belgian KAJ leader, later a trade union leader and eventually a lay auditor at Vatican II.
  • Wresinski, Joseph

    Joseph Wresinki was a French JOC leader, who became a priest and founded the ATD-Quart Monde movement to work with the "Third World in the First World."
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