Saints in the making

Beatification and canonisation processes are now underway for more than 50 JOC lay leaders and chaplains.

  • Allegra, Blessed Gabriel Maria

    Blessed Father Gabriele Maria Allegra was an Italian Franciscan priest, who translated the entire Bible into Chinese for the first time and who was also a student and YCW chaplain in Singapore.
  • Angelelli, Enrique

    Co-founder and chaplain of the JOC in the Diocese of Cordoba, later bishop of La Rioja. Killed by the military for his involvement with the poor and landless.
  • Arizmendiarrieta, Jose Maria

    JOC and Catholic Action chaplain in the Basque town of Arrasate/Mondragon and founder of the Mondragon Cooperatives.
  • Bogarín Argaña, Ramón

    Founder of the JOC in Asuncion, Paraguay, later a Vatican II bishop, who also played an important role in the Latin American bishops conference (CELAM) at Medellin, Colombia in 1968.
  • Callo, Marcel

    French JOC leader sent to Germany under the forced labour regime during World War II. Arrested for his role in organising workers and died in Mauthausen Concentration Camp.
  • Carrier, Marcel

    Sent to Germany during World War II as a forced labourer. Arrested for organising workers. Died after being evacuated from Flossenburg Concentration Camp.
  • Dillard, Victor

    Victor Dillard was a French Jesuit, who was sent to Germany under the Compulsory Labour Service regime, where he acted as a chaplain to JOC and other Catholic Action groups before being arrested and eventually sent to Dachau where he died.
  • Guérin, Georges

    Once a member of the Sillon, Georges Guérin entered the seminary after World War I and became the founding chaplain of the French JOC.
  • Hurtado, Alberto

    Alberto Hurtado was a Jesuit pioneer of Catholic Action in Chile, who studied at Louvain.
  • Joseph Cardijn

    Joseph Cardijn with JOC banner 1930s
  • Lemoine, Eugène

    JOC leader who was sent to Germany under the forced labour regime, where he organised JOC teams among the young workers. Arrested and eventually sent to Zöschen, where he died of dysentery.
  • Pro, Miguel

    Mexican Jesuit Blessed Miguel Pro attended the first National Congress of the JOC in 1925 while studying in Belgium. He was later executed by the Mexican anti-clerical government on trumped up charges.
  • Rouzé, René

    JOC leader sent to Germany on compulsory labour during World War II. Organised Catholic Action study circles leading to his arrest and eventual transfer to Dora-Mittelbau camp where he died.
  • Vallée, André

    A JOC leader from the Orne region, who volunteered to replace another man who was being sent to Germany for forced labour. Arrested for his working organising Catholic Action study circles, he was sent to Flossenburg Concentration Camp. He died while being transferred to another camp.
  • Vallée, Roger

    A seminarian, Roger Vallée was called up for forced labour in August 1943. In Germany he helped organised study circles and masses for workers leading to his arrest and his eventual transfer to Mauthausen where he died.
  • Wojtyla, Karol - Pope John Paul II

    Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) first met Cardijn on a visit to Belgium in 1947. They subsequently met several times in Rome. He was also close to Marcel Uylenbroeck and Pat Keegan.
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