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Addleshaw, GWO

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George William Outram

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English Anglican priest who tried to launch an Anglican JOC movement.


Born on 1 December 1906, the Anglican clergyman George William Outram Addleshaw was Dean of Chester in the third quarter of the 20th century.

He was also vice-principal of St Chad's College which is linked to the University of Durham.

In 1938, the Anglican Diocese of Winchester requested him to investigate the emerging Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne in Belgium.

Jacques Meert and Marguerite Fiévez write:

At one of the study-weeks Cardijn was delighted to welcome the Rev. G. W. Addleshaw, an Anglican priest from Winchester; later the latter wrote an excellent booklet on Jocism6 as a means [of communicating his experience of the movement to his own church. Years later when Cardijn was made a Cardinal, Addleshaw and his travelling companion, (who became respectively Dean of the Cathedral and Anglican Bishop of Chester) reminded him of their first meeting.

“With the passage of years the two observers at Godinne have often thought of that experience thanking God for the inspiration of that great event, and for the hospitality and friendship shown them. They remember particularly how, during the return journey, one of them said to the other; "Canon Cardijn should be made a Cardinal!' It is therefore a particular joy for them to learn that the hope they expressed following their visit to Godinne has been fulfilled.”7

On another occasion Addleshaw lamented that:

"Worship has become divorced from the ordinary life of the world. There appears to be no relation between what is done at the altar and the grim realities of everyday working life. Again this is due to tendencies present both in Catholicism and Protestantism since the Reformation, which the secularist exclusion of dogma from the world of politics and economics has only accentuated."--GWO Addleshaw, The High Church Tradition, Introduction.

Here are three publications that Rev. Addleshaw produced following these investigations.

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December 1, 1906

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June 14, 1982


GWO Addleshaw

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