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French priest Pierre Haubtmann was a chaplain to the French JOCF, the Action Catholique des Milieux Indépendantes (ACI), national chaplain to the Action Catholique Ouvrière (ACO), and the principal compiler of Gaudium et Spes.


Born in St Etienne in 1912, he studied for the priesthood at the French Seminary in Rome then at the Gregorian University. In 1936 he was ordained for the diocese of Grenoble.

In 1937, while studying social science at the Institut catholique de Paris, he became a local JOCF chaplain at Meudon. Here, he befriended the Jesuit jocist chaplain and theologian, Yves de Montcheuil, author of L’Eglise et le monde actuel, who oriented him towards the study of Proudhon. Thus began a twenty-year odyssey, during which Haubtmann wrote four doctoral theses in the fields of letters (main and complementary theses, Sorbonne), social sciences, and theology.

Mobilised during the Second World War, he was captured and remained a prisoner of war until 1942. Returning, he became chaplain to adult worker teams belonging to the League of Christian Workers (LOC), which later became the Action Catholique Ouvrière (ACO), becoming national chaplain from 1954 until the eve of the Council. He also worked as chaplain with the Action Catholique des Milieux Indépendantes (ACI), a Specialised Catholic Action movement for professionals and business people.

In 1962 he took up a post as professor of social studies at the Institut catholique de Paris. The same year the French bishops appointed him as national director of religious news leading directly to his role as media liaison person at the Council. Haubtmann thus began to publish a series of regular summaries of the Council’s progress under the title "Le point sur le Concile," the excellence of which attracted much attention.

In 1963, he was appointed as a peritus in the mixed commission working on Schema XIII, which became Gaudium et Spes, leading to his selection at the end of 1964 to oversee the final stages of its drafting.

After the Council, he was appointed as rector of the Institut catholique de Paris, a post in which he oversaw major and lasting reforms of the university in light of Vatican II.

He remained there until his tragic death in a hiking accident on the cliffs of Normandy on 6 September 1971.

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November 14, 1912

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Saint Etienne

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September 6, 1971

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Action Catholique Ouvrière (ACO)
Action Catholique des Milieux Indépendantes (ACI)

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Compiler of Gaudium et Spes

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