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Girard, Yvonne

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French JOCF leader who died young


Yvonne Girard lived through the history of the parish Notre-Dame Saint-Alban (in Lyon) in the twenties and epitomized some of its most striking characteristiques. Coming from a socialist, anticlerical, working-class family, Yvonne was converted to a militant faith, threw herself into the adventure of the girl scout movement, joined " la Jeune République ", and enthusiastically took part in all the struggles fought by the christian-democrats, before becoming a member of the new-born " J.O.C.F. ". Feeling a strong religious vocation, she hesitated before setting on the experimental path of laywomen devoting their lives to God, wich enabled her to reconcile an urge to act with a wish to give her life to God. The outline of such a biography is a means to portray a set-figure of female catholicism in the twenties, a figure bearing testimony to the evolutions, the aspirations, and the hesitations of the movement.

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Yvonne Girard

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