Pro, Miguel



Pro, Miguel

Given name

José Ramón Miguel Agustín

Family name

Pro Juárez

One-line bio

Mexican Jesuit Blessed Miguel Pro attended the first National Congress of the JOC in 1925 while studying in Belgium. He was later executed by the Mexican anti-clerical government on trumped up charges.


Born on 13 January 1891, Blessed Miguel Pro SJ was a Mexican Jesuit who was executed by the anti-clerical government of the 1920s on trumped up charges of attempted assassination.

While he was studying in Belgium, he became involved in worker issues and took part in the founding first National Congress of the JOC Wallon in 1925.


Country of origin

Birth date

January 13, 1891

Birth place

Guadalupe, Zacatecas

Death date

November 23, 1927

Death place

Mexico City

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