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Slovak-born leader of the Brazil JOC. Candidate for president at the 1957 JOC International Council.


Former Brazilian YCW leader, Tibor Sulik, who later became a founding member of the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Brazilian Catholics, was a candidate for international president at the First International Council of the IYCW in 1957.

Tibor who was born on April 27, 1927 in Trnovec nad Váhom in what is now the Slovak Republic, died aged 85 on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at his home in Rio de Janeiro.

"A tireless defender of democratic freedoms, he was arrested by the military regime in 1964," says the website of the Archdiocese of Victoria do Espiritu Santo, " but he continued his deep connection to the working world and in building a fair and caring society, always inspired by the social teaching of the Church."

Another former YCW leader, Jose Gomez Cerda writes:

"His modesty and simplicity did not subtract from his dimension as an international leader, or his commitment to raise awareness and Christian hope in the minds and hearts of thousands of young workers.

"With the death of Tibor Sulik, we lose a militant Christian worker model, eg for different generations, of whom I am glad to have had as a friend and international leader model, and who had a fruitful life, consistent in thought and action."

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April 27, 1927

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Trnovec nad Váhom, Slovakia

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January 15, 2013

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Rio de Janeiro


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